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«Вы мне не тыкайте» [vy mne ne tykayte]

Officially formal treatment in the modern Russian language includes the pronoun of the second person in plural “вы” [vy], but we use it to address one respondent. The pronoun “вы”, addressed to a certain interlocutor, is written with a capital letter in a written form. Treatment with the use of the pronoun “ты” is considered to be informal. So the phrase “Вы мне не тыкайте” means that you shouldn't get into familiar (intimate) terms of address with somebody. The person wants you to address him formally using the pronoun “вы”.

«Руки не доходят» [ryki ne dahodyat] means that you don't have time to do something. You haven't got down to that problem (thing) yet.

You can use the phrase «Отложить в долгий ящик» [atlazhit' v dolgiy yashchik] when you mean to shelve something. Perhaps, the beginnings of this phrase originated in Moscow Russia. A long box, in which everyone who wanted could put a message with wishes and complaints to the Tzar, was placed opposite the Kolomensky Palace by Aleksey Mikhailovich's order more than three centuries ago. The box was being filled quickly but decisions on stirring problems were taken for a long time that's why people called the box “долгий” [dolgiy] instead of “длинный” [dlinniy].

«Выпить на брудершафт» means to drink Bruderschaft (brotherhood).

Пить на брудершафт [pit' na brudershaft] is a table ceremony at which both its participants cross their arms with glasses, simultaneously drink alcoholic drinks and kiss as a token of friendship and getting into familiar terms of address with each other. However, you will more often meet the phrase “мы с Вами на брудершафт не пили” [my s vami na brudershaft ne pili]. You use it when you need to remind someone that familiarities with unfamiliar people are inappropriate.

«А судьи кто?» [ a sud'i kto?]

This is a quote from the comedy Gore ot uma by Griboedov A.S. This phrase is used to stress contempt for the authorities' opinion which is not much better than of those who they try to teach, blame, and criticise.

«Какие люди в Голливуде!» [kakie ludi v gallivude!]

This phrase is from the song of the same name. It means “Look! Who's here!” You can use it if you meet someone suddenly.

Галопом по Европам [galopam pa evropam]

A.A. Zharov's travel sketches, reflecting his superficial impressions, obtained from his trip over Western Europe (1928), were entitled so. The title is explained by that Zharov and his companions had to shorten their sojourn in Czechoslovakia and Austria by order of the police.

This phrase is used as a definition of superficial observations in general.

Есть еще порох в пороховницах [est' eshche porokh v porokhovnitsakh]

This is a quote from the novella Taras Bul'ba by Gogol' N.V. You can use it to say allegorically about an ability to do a great deal yet, about sound health, feeling of well-being, and a potential of a man who can do many big things even though those around already don't expect it from him.

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