Top Travel Apps to have for visiting Russia

With smartphones and tablets becoming common and Internet speed growing language and other barriers common for travelers are disappearing. No wonder it’s becoming easier: every word you don’t understand you can translate in a matter of seconds; every place you want to go you can reach with booking a taxi almost the same way you did at home, etc.

As an experienced DMC, Olta Travel knows what issues the travelers may have during their trip to Russia and gathered some useful apps that may be particular handy to any travelers. All these apps were tested by numerous people, have the highest review ratings and work on different platforms.

Even if you are a novice and use your phone for very basic needs you will find these apps easy to use.



Availability: iOS, Android, Windows phone, other platforms

You can always use Google Maps as you do while travelling to other countries. However, Russia has its own searching engine that is used more than Google and is more detailed than Google app. Compatible with almost every mobile device and free to download, Yandex.Maps provides the detailed maps for every Russian cities with numbers of streets, houses and local transportation available.


Availability: iOS, Android, Windows phone, other platforms

Yandex.Metro is a special app to guide you through Russian metro. Free of charge.

Language Assistance

Google Translate Mobile App

Availability: iOS, Android

If you phone does not automatically have it: install Google Translate immediately. Its recent feature of photo-translating makes it the most powerful and friendly tool for every tourist who does not know the local language.  Right now you can make a photo of every word or text you don’t understand and get the translation by Google immediately. Just remember to download the Russian language to proceed.

Be careful, this app works offline only on Android devices!

English-Russian Travel Phrasebook

Availability: iOS only

Every traveler knows that even several words spoken in local language can melt the hearts of locals and open lots of doors. It doesn’t matter if you pronounce the phrase correctly; you just need to show the effort.

However, if you want to go beyond simple ‘Privet’ and ‘Spasibo’, you can use this simple and up-to-date travel book. It has simple design and well-structured by different sections. It also has a Slang section for those who want to blend with the local people.



Availability: iOS and Android

Uber is widely known as the cheapest and fastest taxi service in 55 countries in the world. It is also now available in Moscow and St. Petersburg. With this app you don’t even need to download a local app to get a taxi – adjust a city and book a taxi in a second.

Your credit card information is safe with this app and the quick response for your destination is regular. Just don’t panic if you’ll not get the response for your enquiry in 5 minutes – sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes to proceed with your order (at least, in St. Petersburg it is so).

This app will not work without internet!


Availability: iOS and Android

By its features, Get.Taxi is very similar to Uber and provides you with taxi services. Communication with a Russian-speaking driver is reduced to zero, so language barrier here is not important at all.

Trip Services

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

Availability: iOS only

TripAdvisor is largerly known for its where-to-go, reviews and user ratings of different places around the world. With offline version of this app you can do the same you did online: it pairs maps and suggestions for where to visit, shop, and eat together.

After downloading TripAdvisor you just need to remember to install a specific map before going to vacation (download a map for the city of your choice), because it will not be downloaded automatically to save the space on your smartphone.

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