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The cult film, which obtained the recognition of all of Russia, was pulled apart into quotes and a long time ago. People have watched it to this very day. The film Brat (Brother) is the best and most famous work of the Russian director Aleksei Balabanov.

The typical wild 90s. Danila Bagrov was transferred to the reserve. He came back to his native provincial city. His mother advises him to come to Piter to his elder brother. It turned out that his brother Vitya works as a hired killer and fears to take the next order. So he gave it to his younger brother.
To watch the film Brat means to become thoroughly engrossed in the dismal, depressed, but incredibly atmospheric Aleksei Balabanov's world – gray tones, naturalness, undisguised honesty, transparent melancholy, and genius soundtracks.

A continuation of the cult story about Danila Bagrov, film called Brat-2, was released in 2000. Taking part in a program on TV, Danila meets his friends by Chechnya. One of them was suddenly killed. Danila knows that guy had troubles due to his brother-hockey player in America. Bagrov should look into it. He flies to America with his brother. Now his photo is passed around among the Russian and American mafia.

Brat-2 is a criminal comedy. The plot of this part is again built on Bagrov's desire to recreate justice. He wants to take away unfairly earned money from an American businessman and pay it back to his dead friend's brother. The film is full of spectacular scenes and effervescent dialogs.

Mne ne bol'no is a sensible drama by Aleksei Balabanov. A leading actress is inimitable Renata Litvinova. It's a story about a difficult relationship between a well-to-do polished woman and a poor young man.

Three friends stand at the door of a splendid house at the center of a city. They are young, full of energy and power, ready to live in grand style, but they don't have only one thing - money. It's what they came here for - to offer the rich mistress of the house their service as designers. Natella Antonovna is young and beautiful too. She has everything that can be wished, but she is sick of the life. However, an unexpected romance with Misha, one of the three friends, cardinally changes her life. Natella gets a lost joy of love, and Misha with his friends get profitable orders and a lot of money. But it's meant to be finished soon...

The dramatical film Sestry became the first and, unfortunately, the last work of the cult Russian actor of the 90s Sergei Bodrov-young as a director. This is a story about two half-sisters of different age, who cannot stand each other until horrible circumstances force them to draw together and become only support for each other. How could Sveta and Dina hide from gangsters who look for them? And why did the gangsters need two young girls?

Dina's father, Alik, is a gangster with a long length of service got into big troubles. Typical for the 90s the gang war enters a new level of cruelty - Alik's enemies threaten to find and kill his daughter Dina.

The bandits find hidden at a deserted flat sisters. And those have to find a new refuge. Then a journey full of danger and daily threats to their lives starts. Read about famous Russian actors

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