Winter in Leningrad Center - renovated places in St Petersburg

For almost a hundred of years Tavrickeskiy garden, placed in the historical part of Saint-Petersburg, was a center for exhibitions and events. Surrounded by the imperial pavilions of horticulture, Leningrad movie center building, attracted people of all ages to its’ big screen to mesmerize in the power of cinematography.

With a time passing the building grew old and was closed for renovation by the world-known architects with the guidance of Spanish architect and urbanist Ricardo Bofill.  In the end of the December 2014, renovated center finally opened to serve a completely new purpose.  Nowadays it combines art gallery and big show scene with several restaurants, all made in the high quality futuristic design. There is even an IMAX wall in the hall of the first floor; all the shows presented in the center have a touch of 3D graphics and illusions.

Future waits ahead, but for those who like history of St. Petersburg this Building may become a true peace of treasure.  The building of Leningrad center is well-known for several generations of citizens. In the end of 50s it became the first panoramic cinema in the city and for almost four decades it remained to be the most loved one.  No wonder this building can be read almost as a book: it knew the Romanovy dynasty when they placed the first horticultural pavilion in the building, it served its purpose in revolutionary events thanks to being close to Smolny, etc. 

As well-known Russian writer Maxim Gorky once said, - “Without knowing the past, it’s impossible to understand the present or assume the future”. These words are true for every historical place in St Petersburg and for every place tourists are visiting. Olta Travel experts can point out such places for your travel groups while in Russia. Moreover, these words are completely true for the Leningrad center now. Maybe, that is the main reason why for the several months after the grand opening the center presents us an exhibition of the building history called “100 years, 100 winters”. To link the past with the present, the exhibition contains interactive parts.

As for the present and the future of a place, it will be flashy and bright for sure, because performances that Leningard center offers to public show us a completely modern and new format for the city. for example, Illusio 3D show contains a lot of interaction between the audience and the settings, mis-en-scene surrounds the audience from every angles and even from the ceiling. As for the plot and the quality of performances, the names speak for themselves: the first grand show already has the stars and winner of world pole-dancing contest.

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