Kamchatka is a place where one can feel part of wildlife

Sergey Gorshkov really enjoys to photograph bears. He is one of the few photographers who can capture the detail of a brown bear’s life in its habitat. His specialty is working in close contact with his subject. He prefers to use a wide angle lens at close range - which is precisely the way he has managed to make his shots of bears unique. His favorite place for taking his photos is Kamchatka: “This krai (region) has special, magical powers. Kamchatka is the only place humans can feel a part of the wildlife. I always have a desire to visit it so I can experience this great feeling of freedom. I love Kamchatka very much, and will continue to love it". Watch Tolbachik volcano eruption video

Interview with Gorshkov

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  1. It really seems a magical place. Amazing pictures - I think you need to be a little bit of a wizard to be able to get that close.

  2. Really interesting for one of my future travels!
    Ciao Marco

  3. Dani D, yes he is wizard. :)

    Ciao, Marco. There are so many interesting places in Russia. I will post more stories and photos.

  4. I'm SO jealous!! Especially loved the picture of you sitting there with your camera and the mama bear and her babies up close and personal!!
    Nice job!! :)

  5. Louise, it's not me, it's Sergey Gorshkov. :)

  6. Animal encounters are certainly one of those things that you really need to experience as a traveler. Seeing them in their natural habitat is beyond amazing!