Khibiny Mountains, Russia

This lying on the skyline soft folds of stone blanket, cozy, menage and as though not so serious - Khibiny, an oldest mountains in the Russia and one of oldest mountains in the world.

If you standing near such whopper, you feeling quiet and easy, like in the house of grandmother, telling you northern fairy-tales: about mountains trolls, who lives on stones; about swamp kikimors, which sings melancholy songs and masterly brew beer; about chahkli - dwarfs-reindeer herders, which lives underground; about invisible good inhabitants of rocks; about that to drag in polar aurora to the ground, one ought to thrust in a smoothly peeled stick into newly-fallen snow.


  1. The pictures really inspire what you said - a cozy place where you are back to yourself...Thanks, my traveling list gets bigger and bigger :)

  2. Thank you, Dani. Welcome to Russia. :)
    I'd like to visit Romania. ;)