Story about hippopotamus

The Kaliningrad Zoo was founded in 1896. It was formerly known as the Königsberg Tiergarten in the then German town of Königsberg, which in 1945 became part of Russia and was renamed Kaliningrad. Thus, the zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Russia, and one of the largest. Its collection, which extends over 16.5 ha, comprises 315 species with a total of 2264 individual animals (as of 2005).

Königsberg Tiergarten comprised upward of 2000 individual animals in the year 1909. It was due to the military engagement during the taking of a city in April 1945 that only a badger and fallow deer stayed alive. A few day after the takeover, solders found a frightened and starveling hippopotamus. He had six wounds.

"History of treatment of the hippopotamus" was written by livestock specialist Polonsky Vladimir Petrovich.

"Hippopotamus. 18 years old. Body height is big. Nickname is Hans. Was wounded fourfold. Also twice wound itself. It was 13 days without foof and water. Begun to cure of hippopotamus 14 April 1945 year. Firstly I lend assistance of water. After that I tried to give him milk. Next time - a milled beet. Hippopotamus falled to it. But he refused after three days. I was making haste to give him vodka. Gave four liters. After that he asked to eat very much. A fortnight passed. Hippopotamus is eating a little. I decided to give vodka - four liters. He was engorging. It's turned out well to save him after 21 days. I achieved full recovery after 1 month and 19 days. Now I'm going in for the training - driving astride the hippopotamus through the park".

Nowadays, there is a hippopotamus family at the Kaliningrad Zoo.

Hippopotamus with nickname “Glyasik”.

.... with mother.

It probably the father.



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