The International Aviation and Space salon MAKS

The International Aviation and Space salon MAKS is a rightful occupant of a leading position in the ratings of major world aviation forums. The very idea of the MAKS lies in demonstrating Russian high technologies and domestic market openness to joint ventures with the use of foreign partners' cutting-edge advances.

MAKS is held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, being traditionally opened by the President of the Russian Federation. This is the warranty of superior organisation and authoritative participants. During the show, top civil servants are open for business contacts. For all those engaged in aerospace business the air show is a unique opportunity to get the first-hand information on the standpoints of decision-makers whose position can have an impact on key issues of developing and selling aircraft and their weapons, as well as on cooperation in these fields.

MAKS is held in the town of aircraft science and technology - Zhukovsky - at the airfield of the major national testing facility - Gromov Flight Research Institute. The participants in the show will be able to visit nearby major research, production and experimental organisations of Russia.

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  1. I have visited Zhukovsky, but did not get to see the air show. If I remember correctly, I was there for seven days. Your blog is bringing back a lot of good memories, and has given me a big smile.