Why to Visit Russia. Moscow, Petersburg, Kremlin, Lake Baikal, Taiga

Russia is a country that is found very interesting by people as it shares a good part of history and also has a much checkered history. Russia stands beautifully with the most popular tourist destinations in the world and has 23 UNESCO World heritage sites.

Russia has the world’s largest forest reserves and is known as the “lungs of Europe” and is second only to the Amazon rainforest in the amount of O2 it produces. It has many famous tourist destinations and the most famous natural tourist destination in Russia is Lake Baikal which is named as the Blue Eye of Siberia, the lake has crystal clear water and is surrounded by Taiga covered mountain. While booking check out for last minute deals and save good on airfares.

If you go deep into Russia there are some amazing facts to know while you are planning to visit Russia. Let’s take a look at some amazing facts about this place. Street rules don’t exist in Russia, so when you are there, don’t be surprised when you see locals drinking and walking down the street. Moscow Metro is the best in the whole world! The ticket costs less than a dollar, there are no zones, and during rush hours trains come every 1.5 minutes. Be sure that you are not creating any nuisance while on the streets and discovering new places as there are a number of policemen patrolling the streets and trust us you will not be forgiven. So the total enjoyment is solely in your hands. Russians are very hospitable and make sure that when you are visiting.

Russia meet some local people there and taste some black tea and sausages which are awesome and highly recommended when in Russia. Be sure to buy a t-shirt which has ‘I’ve been to Russia. There are no bears there’ printed on it. As they think the Americans think that in Russia bears walk along the streets, so they came up with this slogan, got it printed on t-shirts and also think it is very patriotic. Russia is going to surprise you and make you leave thinking about things and how that is possible. See the above mentioned things actually happening and explore this beautiful place. Welcome to Russia!

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  1. One of the most diverse country in terms of nature and history. Russia Visa Services

  2. whenever i will visit Russia i will prefer to go Moscow first..