Top 10 places to visit in Russia (with pictures). Interesting Tourist Attractions in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Russia, more commonly known as the Russian Federation, is a country that’s filled with its rich history and culture. There are several beautiful, amazing, cool, interesting  places to visit in Russia and it’s tough to choose the best. Whether you are visiting Russia with friends, spouse or family, this great country has a lot to offer to tourists and locals. Listed below are the top 10 places that you must visit on your trip to Russia

Gorky Park

It’s the most famous in the entire Moscow where you can enjoy the rides in theme park and leisurely walks along the charming pond of the park. In winters you can enjoy ice sculpting and skiing across the frozen pond.

Hermitage Museum

Located in Saint Petersburg, this is one of the main attractions of the city. Its home to some of the best world famous paintings including those of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt!

Red Square of Moscow

If you’re visiting Russia, you can’t just miss a visit to the Red Square. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Mausoleum of Lenin and State History Museum are the major attractions. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia.

Old Arbat Street

Old Arbat Street is a must visit for all those who are fond of souvenirs. There are a plenty of shops in Old Arbat Street where you can buy all your souvenirs. You can also sit back in some restaurant or cafe, if your stomach gives an instant call for something delicious.

New Arbat Street

New Arbat Street is on the walking distance from the Old Arbat Street. After visiting this place, you can conclude that this is far more modern and trendier than the Old Arbat Street. For the well-off Russians this is an ideal place to shop and eat since it not only contains expensive stores but also the expensive restaurants. Don’t forget to party in one of the nightclubs here – you’ll certainly enjoy its party life!

Tretyakov Gallery

You’ll mostly get to see the Russian artworks by famous Russian artists in Tretyakov Gallery. It’s one of the best museums of the world. After having a look at the art that this gallery has to offer, you’ll certainly be fond of this place.

Lenin Mausoleum

Visit this place to see the embalmed body of the Great Lenin. There are certain precautions and rules that you must follow while visiting this place. Cell phones, photography, and bags are not allowed inside. Although, you can leave your bags in the baggage office of the Mausoleum!

The Kremlin

A visit to Russia is incomplete without a visit to Kremlin where you’ll get to see the Diamond collection. Seeing a ballet performance in the Conference center will be an experience of a lifetime.

Peter and Paul Fortress

This is a place for the lovers and admirers of Romanovs. Church is yet another tourist attraction of this place.

Tverskaya Street

It’s the popular fashionable street of Russia where you’ll find expensive boutiques, restaurants, cafes, expensive hotels, theatres and more. Enjoy the leisurely walk in the streets of Russia where you can see the beautiful buildings and witness the busy lives of Russians.

Russia is one of the most worthy choices for travel destination. With 9 time zones and 160 ethnic groups, Russia stands to be the largest country of the world. Visit Russia to see what it has to offer in terms of history, culture and natural beauty! You’ll have an amazing and memorable experience!

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  1. Nice pictures, an overview of Russia. Now I'm thinking of going there.

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    the photographs are wonderful,and a good overview of the Russian Federation I WANNA GO THERE!!!!!!

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    I was in St.Pete last summer and was surprised with diversity of museums there: about vodka, about cats, about Dostoyevsky. I even was in Erarta, museum of contemporary Russian art - it truly exist!