Questions about Russian Federation

A girlfriend of mine from USA asked me some questions about Russia. I answered on them with pleasure. :)

1) What is the biggest misconception about Russia?

Maybe that bears are walking freely in the streets of Russia. :)

2)  How do Russians view the West?

I can not answer for all Russians. Everybody have their own opinion about it.

3)  What is the easiest way to impress a Russian?

I think better don't try to impress somebody, just be yourself.

4)  What is the biggest difference between Russia and the West?

To my opinion, they are more individualist than people in Russia. One says in Russia about it: "They have different mentality". It's not good or bad. It's a fact.

5) What are some family names in Russia?  For instance, in America people can call their dads, "father," "papa," "pops," "dad," and "pa."  Grandmas have many names as well, "grandma," "maw-maw," "meow," "nana," etc. 

In Russia people tell their dad's: Father - отец - [otecz], папа - [papa], батя - [batya], or abbreviation - pa.

 Grandma - бабушка - [babuska], abbreviation - ba. 

6)  Dimitri Yushkevich said, "I'm not crazy.  I'm Russian."  So, are Russians crazy?

Noooo! :)  People from West think so, because difference in West and Russian mentalities.

There is the quote from movie Brother-2:

- Are you gangsters?
- No, we are Russians.


7) When is the best time to visit Russia?

In summer or early autumn. But, it can be interesting for somebody from country with hot climate to visit Russia during winter and see a lot of snow.

8) What are the best parts of Russia to visit?

To my opinion, the capital of our country - Moscow, also Saint-Petersburg, lake Baikal, Kamchatka. But there are many beutiful places in Russia.


  1. Anonymous12:30

    Hello Andrey,

    * Can you name a few popular Russian radio stations where I can listen to Russian pop/rock/jazz music online ?

    * Which (in your opinion) are the most popular newspapers and magazines in Russia ?

    * Which TV channels are popular in Russia ? And can you please name a few popular talk shows ?

    Thank you.

  2. Hello,

    1) pop music: Russkoe Radio, Radio Vanya, Radio Hit, Radio Dacha, Radio Baltika,
    rock: Radio ROKS, Nashe Radio, Radio Silver Rain, Radio Maximum
    jazz: Relax FM, Radio Jazz 89.1,

    2) AIF, Moskovskii Komsomolec, Metro, Kommersant,Ogoniok, Izvestia, Komsomolskaya Pravda

    3) 1st CHANNEL (ORT), TNT, NTV, CTC TV, MTV Russia, Russia 24. Popular talk shows: Let them talk, Comedy Club, Pozner, What? Where? When?, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

  3. Anonymous00:25

    Can you tell me if special permits are required to visit Russian northernmost regions (Arkhangelsk, Chukotka, Magadan)? Pardon my ignorance, but are these areas safe for a brown person? Also how much should be travelling / lodging expenses in these areas per day?


  4. Yes, permit might be required. Ask about this in travel agency.

    I think these areas are safe for brown person if you go there with guide.

    You can find information about travelling / lodging expenses on travel agencies websites.