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Many Russian names aren't Russian in origin. They were adopted from the Greek language as well as the Christian religion. All the old Russian names were gradually displaced by church names which came to Russia from Byzantium with the introduction of Christianity. Old Russian names were entirely forgotten in the XVIII-XIX centuries, and Christian names considerably changed their face to accomodate the features of Russian pronunciation.

It's a list of old (Russian calendar, old Russian and Common Slaviс) interesting Russian girl names.

The name Bazhena relates to an array of old Russian names. The name originated as a female form from the male name Bazhen which means "ardently desired and warm-hearted". This name goes back to the old Russian word "bazhenie". In other words "desire, mercy, and compassion".

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The cult film, which obtained the recognition of all of Russia, was pulled apart into quotes and a long time ago. People have watched it to this very day. The film Brat (Brother) is the best and most famous work of the Russian director Aleksei Balabanov.

The typical wild 90s. Danila Bagrov was transferred to the reserve. He came back to his native provincial city. His mother advises him to come to Piter to his elder brother. It turned out that his brother Vitya works as a hired killer and fears to take the next order. So he gave it to his younger brother.